what have you been doing lately

February 22, 2008

for the next twenty-one days my life is consumed with books. ancient books, classic books, recent books. long books and longer books.

march fourteen is my masters comprehensive exam. i have twenty-odd books to read in this time to prepare for this exam. so i am reading. reading fast and hard, early in the morning and late into the night. reading until my eyes fall out.

right now i’m making my way through important passages of thomas’ summa theologiae. on deck is luther. calvin’s in the hole.

hopefully after the fourteenth we’ll all be able to sit around and have a few good long conversations about what all these words mean, both in themselves and for us. and hopefully i’ll all but have a masters degree.


2 Responses to “what have you been doing lately”

  1. Nigel Says:

    Have fun with the classics, man. I seriously believe that actually reading them instead of the secondary lit or the modern works that pidgeon-hole them and move on is infinitely more satsifying than the alternative. God grant you grace to draw close to him through your speed-reading!

  2. […] enraptured in dorothy day’s the long loneliness.  augustine’s confessions topped my ma-comps reading list, undoubtedly the most spiritually-incisive of the texts i read.  day’s autobiography rings […]

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