no hits? let’s try this…

April 3, 2008

gathering in light posted this intriguing reflection on church, culture, and participation.

as i’m entertaining the possibility of working for or helping to start a church, i find myself dwelling on questions about the church a lot recently. not so much about polity or denominational structures as about the day-to-day functioning of the church, the way it gets into the lives of people.

honestly, i have little idea how this works out in the concrete. or maybe i should say that i have hundreds of ideas, thousands of ideas, but i’m not certain if they would work.

what are some of your ideas (or experiences) of the church getting into your life–or your participation in the being of the body of Christ? i’d love to hear.


2 Responses to “no hits? let’s try this…”

  1. wess daniels Says:

    Thanks for the link. I’d say just start experimenting with ideas, they don’t all have to work to be useful and engaging! And anyways, isn’t it as soon as something ‘works’ that we try to systematize it and make it into a program killing the very essence of the initial creative idea?

  2. laura Says:

    You always ask such good questions!

    for my thoughts, see my blog (in a couple of hours or so).

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