August 3, 2008

urban farming

urban farming

for the last few months i’ve been trying my hand at farming… well, at least at growing some green things. last summer, i think, i picked up $1 radish grow kit. it sat on a shelf for almost a year until late this spring i tore open the seed packet, broke up the prepackaged dirt pellet, and added a few teaspoons of water.

yesterday i noticed some flower buds on one of the three healthy (surviving) plants (i started with twelve… i may not be all green thumbs).

little flower buds

little flower buds

today the buds burst forth into radish flowers. i didn’t even know radishes grew flowers. i’m a pretty proud gardener.

little flowers

radish flowers

radish flowers


One Response to “cultivation”

  1. cindy Says:

    Nicely done, Josh. I’m impressed with the plants.

    I’m also amused at the picture of you watering radishes on our peeling back fire escape with a wedding-gift Waterford crystal glass. Just saying…

    Back to work.

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