another real quick one:

lo-fi tribe put up this interesting post regarding our use of online social networking sites and tools (facebook, myspace, etc.).

i must confess that i’ve always looked on web 2.0 with a shade of suspicion. but maybe it’s rather undue. honestly, might Jesus be talking about this in the parable of the slave who buries his investment capital? (and how uncomfortable does it make me to put Jesus and capital in the same sentence?)

the original post inserts a much-needed proviso that online networking cannot fully replace person-to-person, body-to-body interaction. but one cannot deny that this whole al gore-invented internet might be worth including in our bag o’ tricks.

(honestly, this is a post cindy should have probably written. she has much more research background in this area. but i check my facebook more often.)


March 30, 2008

something of interest culled from the ekklesia project blog.  definitely worth a quick read and some reflection.

what is the resurrection doing to us?